1st post is an intro post

Hi all, this is a first post from boldcitybop.

As for in introduction, this blog is all about business info and I will share new and latest business info to all. Also, tips on become a successful business person and building the best business network in the world.

Not only that, we will covering best info and successful tips on being a successful business person. More story from successful business entrepreneur that we can learn. Most of the person is well known such as the founder of Facebook, google, Bill Gates from Microsoft and others. Also, business tips from Robert Kiyosaki which is my favourite business book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Many things we can learn from all of these stories and hope we can apply in the real world of business. All of these is important if we want to be a successful person. These story is a good story and I personally think, when they are able to do it, you also can do it, with better strategy of course.

Sometimes we will also give an opinion regarding the best local business that we think is worth to share in here. We will give an honest review regarding a business and hope it will help those business grow over time.

That’s it a short and sweet post from us, feel free to contact us via our social media or at contact us page.