Beauty Product a recession proof business

Looking for a recession proof business, why not considering beauty product such as skincare product, hair treatment, slimming pills and so on. If you look closely, these products are the amazon top selling list. Even during bad times, these products sells well.

How to invest in beauty products

There are few tips on how to invest in beauty products. The first is of cause, creating your own beauty products just like the owner of RF3 World for their Firmax3 skincare. These product is a startup products and this is also a good example if you want to build your own brand for a beauty products. Just start small and build your own products. As for how to create the products, you can just outsource it on the Asian country like Malaysia, Indonesia, they have many beauty products in their list.

The second way is to become a seller for the product. More like a drop shippers that sells these product in a different marketplace. You can sell these products in Facebook page, instagram or applied SEO and sells this products online. It is such an interesting business and I recommended you to start this model first before creating you own products.

The 3rd way is simply buying their stock at NYSE for example. There are many beauty products stock available. If you choose this route, make sure you know what you are doing.

That’s it, hope this help in your journey in investing in beauty and skincare products.