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                2020 TAFA Admission Catalog for International Students
                2019-12-27 10:50  

                A Brief Introduction

                Founded in 1906, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts (TAFA) was originated from Beiyang Women'sNormal School,which has over 100 years history of education. It is one of the earliest public institutions of higher education in China.With 8professional schools, 16 majors and 26 departments,TAFA possesses strong strengh in fine arts, experimental arts and other emerging majors. Having a number of well-known artists at home and abroadto teach here, itis one of the eight independent and influential art academies in China (mainland).

                The school has Tianwei Road and Zhicheng Road campuses, coveringan area of 114,600 square meters and abuilding area of 157,300 square meters. There are 4,775 full-time students, including 4,125 undergraduates, 631 graduate students and 19 foreign students.

                TAFA adheres to the motto“strivingforintegrity andartistry,enhancing learning andpractice”, which follows the law of high art education, andstrives to cultivate high-quality artists and designers with solid foundation, rich humanity, distinct personality, active creativity, andboth morality and talent.

                Welcome students from all over the world to study at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts!


                (1) A non-Chinese citizen with a high school degree or above; in good and healthy mental and physical state and with no criminal record;

                (2)ForChina (Mainland), Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents applying for TAFA as international students after having emigrated abroad,TAFA implements the “Notice of the Ministry of Education on Regulating Acceptance of Foreign Students by Higher Education” issued by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

                2. Educational System



                Term of Study



                High schooldegree or above

                4 years

                (5 years in Sculpture)

                Junior college tobachelorstudents

                JuniorCollege degree in related specialties

                1-2 years

                Master students

                Bachelor Degree

                3 years

                Students in

                Advanced Studies

                Basicart skills

                No limit

                3. Course-instruction Method

                Full-time teaching in Chinese.

                4. Application Date

                January 1st, 2020 — May 15th, 2020

                5. Major


                Majors (Directions)

                Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

                School of Graphic Art

                Painting (Print Making)

                Painting (Oil Painting)

                Painting (Fresco)


                School ofVisual Design and Handcraft Art

                Visual Communication Design

                Craft Art

                Art Design

                School of Product Design

                Fashion and Costume Design

                (Dyeing & Textile Design)

                Fashion and Costume Design

                (Fashion Design)

                Product Design

                School of Architecture& Environmental Art

                Environmental Art Design

                Public Art

                School of Experimental Art

                Photography Art


                Experimental Art (Free Painting)

                Experimental Art (Mobile Media Art)

                Experimental Art (Image Art)

                School of Traditional Chinese Painting

                Traditional Chinese Painting


                School ofArt andHumanity

                Fine Arts (Art theory)

                Fine Arts (Visual Culture Planning and Administration)


                6.Application Required Materials

                (1) Application Form for International Students of TAFA.

                (2)Photocopy of passport (ordinary passport and must be valid until April 1st , 2021 or later).

                (3)Notarized diploma and transcript of highest level of education obtained. (Applicants expecting to graduate this academic year must submit an official document issued by their current school to prove their current student status and expected graduation date).

                (4)Personal portfolio (E-copy)

                (5) A personal statement includes study and research plan, family economic status, personal awards and speciality (E-version of video within 2 minutes).

                (6)Applicants should submit a HSK certificate (Level 4 or above). (No language certificate is required for Malaysian independent high school graduates).

                (7) Recent passport bareheaded photo with white background (E-copy).

                (8)Letters of recommendation from two associate professors or above for post graduate applicants

                (9)Certificate ofNon-CriminalRecord issued by the relevant local authority.

                Supplementary Materials:

                (10) Applicants under the age of 18 should submitthe public certificate of the guardian issued by the notary office of the region.

                (11)Chinese citizens who apply for TAFAas international students after immigrating abroad must also submit:

                a. Certificate of naturalization;

                b. Passport entry and exit records for the last 4 yearsor a two-year proof (at least) of residence abroad for the last four years (a full or longer period of nine months of residence abroad can be counted as one year as verified by entry and exit records).

                7.Assessment and Admission

                After evaluation of applicants’ application materials,TAFA will organize experts to select the qualified students.

                The final admission results will be published through theofficialwebsite of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.

                8. Expenses:

                1. Tuition fees: Postgraduate Students 30,000 RMB/person·year

                Graduate Students 28,000 RMB/person·year

                Students in Advanced Studies 3,000 RMB/person·month

                2.Textbook and material fees: studentsshall pay theirown fees onpainting materials and tools;

                3. Dormitory fee: 1,200 RMB/month (single room, private bathroom, public laundry, public kitchen, wireless Internet, etc. )

                Note: In each academic year,students are required to purchase theComprehensive Insurancein China. The coverage must include hospitalization,accident and injury insurance at a standard of $800 per year.

                9.Scholarships (degree students)

                1. Tianjin Municipal People’s GovernmentScholarship

                1) Bachelor degree students: full scholarship 35,600 RMB

                part scholarship 20,000 RMB (underthe age of30 )

                2) Master degree students: full scholarship 48,600 RMB

                part scholarship 30,000 RMB (underthe age of35 )

                2.TAFA InternationalStudentScholarship
                1) Full scholarship coverstuition fee, ten months accommodation fee and comprehensive medical insurance fee.

                2) Partial scholarship coverstuition fee and comprehensive medical insurance fee.(Undergraduate applicants should be underthe age of30 ; Postgraduate students should be underthe age of35).

                10. Contact Information:

                International Affairs Office, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

                Address: No.4 Tianwei Road, Hebei District, Tianjin, 300141, P.R China

                Zip code:300141

                Tel /Fax:+86-22-26 24 15 05